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November 20th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Musical Mail

Last week Bobby James (or was it Jim Bob? I always get those two mixed up) decided that he was going to finally take the advice he’s been getting from family, friends and even causal aquaintences for years now.

You see he’s a fairly good guitar player. Everybody he knows has been telling him for years that he should do something professional with his talents. And so he has told people that he’s finally going to do it. Not as a professional musician but by selling beginner guitar lessons. Now I know that this sounds ok, not as lucrative as joining a hit band which is what most people meant but still, it was something.

Then he dropped the other shoe. He’s selling guitar lessons alright. By mail order.

Everybody that’s heard this so far is totally speechless. How on Earth could anyone teach guitar by mail order?

I don’t know either. I just know that we ARE in Nutjob Hills.

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