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When designing the page it’s often tempting to use fancy (often that means large) graphics in your efforts to catch the eye of the reader. There is that school of thought that likens the use of graphics to modern furniture and therefore give high priority to adding lots of graphics to “make the page look better”.

The problem is that all this eye candy comes with two very important prices that a successful marketer is not going to want to pay.

First, it’s a distraction, pure and simple. It takes the reader’s attention away from what you should consider one of the most important parts of the page, your sales copy. Graphics look nice and very often *DO* add a certain aesthetic to the look of a page but if it takes attention away from your main reason for the page in the first place
then you need to give serious thought about losing it.

A lot of people focus on branding the page with their logo and are frequently after their web designers to “make the logo bigger”. The thing to remember is that customers don’t care that much about your logo. It can be an important branding, but there’s zero reason for it to have a high prominence on the page in a large graphic. Also, in niche markets a logo isn’t nearly as important as the product and what you’ve got to say about it.

Second, any page that’s heavy with graphics will be slower to load and in today’s attention deficit world that will kill your sales because lots of people will decide it isn’t worth the extra twenty seconds to wait for your page to load. Instead, they’ll just close the tab and go somewhere else and you lose a potential customer in the process.

The best thing to do is drop the header graphics, large logo images and any images that aren’t absolutely necessary and focus your efforts on the sale.

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