Trek Wars

December 14th, 2011 | Posted in Entertainment, Movies | Comments Off on Trek Wars

It seems that the “trek wars” thing is finally seeing a peacemaker. George Takei has made a video in which he is trying to bring the fans of Star Trek and those of Star Wars together to fight the “real” enemy… Twilight.

I have to admit that Star Trek and Star Wars are both light years ahead of Twilight but a comment I saw on facebook made a good point.

Essentially Twilight, while annoying in the extreme, will not be remembered. Twenty years form now hardly anyone will remember Twilight. On the other hand, Star Trek and Star Wars are both going just as strong now as the were forty years ago and in another twenty years I expect they’ll be known by even more people long after Twilight is forgotten. Therefore while it’s annoying in so many ways, we shouldn’t bother wasting all that free publicity on Twilight.

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