An Odd Twist

December 20th, 2011 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on An Odd Twist

The case of Bob’s disappearance has taken on something of a rather odd twist. In fact I think it can safely be said that this twist is easily more odd than almost any of Bob’s previous behavior.

I was searching through Bob’s room hoping that I could discover some clue as to his whereabouts when I heard an odd beeping sound coming from a drawer in his desk. Looking in the drawer revealed what looked like a perfect replica of a Star Trek original series communicator. The really odd part is that when I opened it, I heard Bob telling someone to report engine repair status and insisting that warp drive was a priority above all others.

At first I simply thought the voice was a recording from some Star Trek role playing game but when I spoke my thoughts aloud “Bob you’re just too much”, The voice replied to me, saying “you have no idea. Took you long enough to find the communicator”

Right after that there was a burst of static and the communicator has been silent since then.

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