Landing pages – “Authority Headlines Increase Conversions”

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Over 50% of men prefer sports gifts for Christmas

Why did I write that? in a word, credibility. It’s an important commodity in the sales world. If potential customers perceive credibility in your sales copy that will increase your conversion rate

Quotes increase the credibility seen by potential customers.

Any time you can put headlines and subheadings (that’s the smaller, usually bold face, “mini headlines” that appear between paragraphs of sales copy) in quotation marks then people will very often see added credibility.

Credibility is important, it tells the customer that you’re somebody they can trust to deal honestly with them and that you’re not blowing smoke in their faces. This increase in your creditability will give you more conversions.

A variation on this is to use numbers and percentages the same way. Both of these are statements of authority, you’re not waffling, you’re certain and authoritative. This seriously increases the impact of your sales copy.

However there’s an important part of these tactics. You absolutely MUST be truthful and accurate in your statements. The second a reader catches you in a lie or saying something that proves you don’t know what you’re talking about you have lost that person as a potential customer. Worse than that, you’ve lost anyone that they take the time to tell about what they see as deception or ignorance on your part.

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