Another Suggestion

January 31st, 2012 | Posted in Current Events, nutjob hills | Comments Off on Another Suggestion

In the time that Bob has been missing there has, in addition to all kinds of oddball (and mostly useless) clues as to where he is and what he is doing, been quite a number of suggestions as to ways that might lead to more clues or even an actual legitimate sighting.

Among the more popular ideas is one that borders on a commercial merchandising scheme than a way to find out what happened to Bob or where he is. Several people have suggested variations on the idea of having a set of personalized pins made up with things on them like “have you seen Bob?” or “I’m looking for Bob” and many other variations.

The thing is that I can only imagine such a scheme resulting in more bogus clues and so-called “Bob sightings” than ever before.

Talk about being counterproductive.

Although I have to admit that if I thought I could earn a decent living from the sale of them that at this point I’d probably do it in a heartbeat.

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