New ‘Bob’ Rumor

February 11th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on New ‘Bob’ Rumor

In the last three months or so I have seen and heard so many rumors about where Bob might have gone or what he might be doing that it’s hardly even almost funny anymore. I need him here making videos and he’s off God only knows where. Thanks Bob. You’re really something. (I won’t say exactly what because I don’t write language like that but it’s “Special” I guarantee you that!)

The latest of these many rumors is that he’s seriously involved with one of his “Babes of Star Trek Gone Wild” heroines and that the two are going to be seriously connected for a LONG time. Of course this is the part where it spins off into the twilight zone. The rumor goes on to say that Bob was seen last week buying welding supplies and that when asked what he needed them for he allegedly replied that he was going to make sure that he and his love had a really solid physical connection.

Really? who comes up with stuff like this?

You can’t “weld” people! Everybody knows you have to use super glue instead.

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