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March 10th, 2012 | Posted in Blogging, building traffic, Misc, Opinion, Site News, social bookmarking | Comments Off on Stumble No More

I talked a while back about how traffic from the widely popular stumbleupon service is really not worth chasing after because the overwhelming majority of it stays on the page for less than five seconds before clicking away.

I came to the conclusion that traffic like that I don’t need or want. It screws up my statistics something awful because of the extremely flighty nature of most stumblers and the fact that most of them will click away unless you grab their attention by sticking a pair of tits or other unclothed anatomy in their faces. Even then most of ’em will still click away if they can’t find more nudity or other “shocking” content within a few short seconds.

Now I’m at the next step. Not only will I no longer use stumbleupon to promote anything, I am removing the stumbleupon toolbar from my browser completely and permanently.

Also, I am giving serious consideration to removing the stumbleupon link from the sharing options at the end of every post. As I’ve said, traffic from stumbleupon is, in my opinion, worthless. Stumbler’s don’t read, they gawk, and they do it very fast. I’d rather have actual readers.

I’ll probably be doing that in the next few days. Meanwhile, that toolbar is already gone from my web browser, never to return.

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