The Future Is Personality

January 6th, 2009 | Posted in Design, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, Sales Pages, SEO, Websites | Comments Off on The Future Is Personality

It’s absolutely true that the more relevant and personal your website and sales pages appear to your customer, the better they’re going to feel about doing business with you.

For example, the customer’s name is an invaluable bit of information. Once they’ve gone far enough to give it to you along with their email address on your squeeze page, you can use their name to personalize your website just a bit.

You could include several touches like writing the page so that the text is addressing the visitor personally. The right coding can make it possible to display personalized calls to action like this.

“Jerry, if you hurry and act now you can save 10%”.

Granted, this type of tactic isn’t usually going to give you a whole lot of extra results with most internet marketing types because the more savvy among them will recognize it as something they use themselves but it’ll still make a good impression on the Joe Sixpack, average Joe types. Even if they realize that using a customer’s name is programmed, most people will still appreciate the more personal touch.

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