Great Idea Going Nowhere

March 27th, 2012 | Posted in Copywriting, Hot Topics, Making money, Money Issues | Comments Off on Great Idea Going Nowhere

Some months ago I ran across something that I honestly thought was a really great idea. The idea was that I could come up with assorted sayings or graphics that would be printed on t-shirts that I could then sell online and make a halfway decent amount of money in the process.

That was three or four months ago. I got started. I signed up with an online retailer that did this type of business, began to start working on some designs for funny t shirts, and then something came up that took me away from it to deal with pressing important matters.

Here is is months later and I’ve not gotten back to it yet. I would jump right into it but I’m having a heck of a time coming up with designs that aren’t copies of stuff that others have done. The last thing I need is to find myself on the wrong end of a copyright dispute in my efforts to earn a few extra bucks.

Just how original does something like that have to be to avoid that? I don’t know and my efforts to find out have left me mired in a spaghetti mess of copyright laws that I honestly think are designed to prevent the average Joe from figuring them out without spending a holy fortune on a lawyer.

That figures though. After all, they were written by lawyers weren’t they.

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