Fun With Portals

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One of the things I’m looking forward to in the new TFC Modcraft video series is playing with the Portal Gun mod. Using portals in fun and creative ways has a lot of potential for fun. Such as placing an orange portal on the underside of one of those really high cliffs that extend out a dozen meters or more from the mountain it’s on and then picking a good vantage point from which to shoot blue portals at the feet of whatever hostile mobs are around. POOF, it’s suddenly falling 40 or more meters to their doom.

Of course there is also the use of portals as a quick and convenient means of travel, and there’s also it’s ability to pick up and move most blocks, including to my surprise, things like spawners which cannot be moved in normal “vanilla” Minecraft. I see a lot of potential there also.

The mod includes other things, some of which I’m not clear yet as to how they could be used in single player but I’ve got plenty of time to research them. Things like the material emancipation grid that closes all open portals when you go through it, the weighted storage cube and companion cube. Then there’s the “long fall boots”. Think of them as a pair of justin boots that is made with iron and obsidian (the toughest, most difficult to obtain material in vanilla Minecraft). These boots allow you to fall from great heights without taking any fall damage (and probably dying) like you normally would.

Yeah, it’s a bit overpowered but I think the fun factor will easily outweigh that.

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