The Last Straw

April 22nd, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Last Straw

Ok. This is the last straw. In the morning I’m getting in touch with the city council, humane society, chamber of commerce and the local loony bin.

After having moved enough stuff into that house to fill any five houses (I STILL don’t know how they fit it all in there! FOUR six ton truckloads! It’s only a 2000 square foot house fer cryin out loud!) There was one last pickup truck load tonight from which they unloaded no less than twenty dog crates. That’s going too far. I like animals as much as the next guy but twenty dogs??!?!? In a residential area??

I don’t care how much they hunt, nobody needs that many dogs and I am certainly not going to put up with that much barking! I guarantee you with that many there will *always* be three or more barking about some fool thing and no way am I going to listen to that.

If the authorities can’t (or won’t) do something about it then it might just be time for me to pack up and leave Nutjob Hills once and for all.

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