Dave’s Mistake

May 8th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Dave’s Mistake

Dave had a problem last week. You see he was driving with some “friends” in the car and managed to get pretty distracted. So much so that he managed to drive right off the road, into a ditch and finally got jammed between some trees.

I heard that it took him and his friends nearly half an hour to get out of the car because the doors were jammed against the trees and would not open. Once they were out they all headed into town to get rides home. (I guess nobody had a cell phone on them.)

Dave on the other hand was stuck there. He had to do something about his car. Not only does he need it for a rather long commute to work but the Nutjob Hills police would have it towed in a heartbeat if he left it there more than a few hours.

Then the idea hit him. He took a chance and hoofed it to the nearest phone and called his wife. He told her to drive the ATV to where he was so he could use the atv winch to pull the car out of the trees. He did, after another hour or so manage to get it out.

The problem however is that here in Nutjob Hills it’s illegal to drive an ATV on the street. Now he’s facing a $700 fine in addition to what it’s going to cost for bodywork on the car.

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