Fat Freddies New Job

May 12th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Fat Freddies New Job

I know that I shouldn’t call him “Fat Freddie” anymore because he’s not even close to fat anymore. In fact, I’d say it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t recognize him now if you’d seen him two years ago when he clocked in at over 400 pounds.

Now he’s doing much better. He’s a lot more active, much more sociable and not only that, he’s got a new job. He’s into sales now. The downside of that is that he’s REALLY into sales.

Oh he’s not anything like the guy from Chicago that was here a year or so back but just the same if he sees an opportunity he’ll take it. The other day in the Nutjob Hills diner he was talking to one of the waitresses (ok, I know we’re supposed to call ’em “servers” now but I hate being Politically Correct so I call ’em what they are, waitresses) about her weight loss plan and that it would really help her if she got an analytical balance from AffordableScales.com.

Of course, like I said, he’s not anything like the corporate ladder climber from Chicago that once swore he’d make a sale to every single citizen of Nutjob Hills before he left. Freddie actually does care about people. Especially those who need to lose weight. He knows first hand how hard that can be and is always willing to offer some support of free advise. Mr. Chicago never gave anything to anyone for free.

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