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February 15th, 2008 | Posted in building traffic, Making money, Monetizing Blogs, Traffic, traffic tools | Comments Off on Stumble Your Way To Traffic

One of the basic things about monetizing a blog (or any website) is the fact that no matter how good your SEO is or how great your content is, if you don’t get traffic to the site nobody is ever going to see it. And of course, if nobody sees the site, then nobody will be there to click on your advertising and thus the whole venture will be doomed to failure.

So, once you have a site and some content on it, even if it’s not optimized or 100% the way you want it, you need people coming to the site. One of the biggest tools for generating traffic these days is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a different type of social networking site. Once you install their toolbar on Firefox, you can use the “Stumble” button to be served random pages within the categories that you choose when you set up your account.

You can also use the “I Like It” button to add new pages to StumbleUpon. If you hit the “I Like It” button and you don’t get the add a site dialog then that means it’s already been added to the system and you’re giving it a thumbs up .. a positive rating. The more people that do this for a particular page, the more likely that page will be shown to people that are doing random Stumbles.

This means that StumbleUpon can be a great way to introduce your content to lots of people and if its actually something they like, they’ll give it a thumbs up and increase the potential traffic you will get from StumbleUpon.

The key here comes back to a basic rule of any website promotion campaign. Content is king. If what you write (or the pictures / video that you post) is something that people will like, find useful or funny. You could even create a game in flash or javascript. As long as your content is created for the visitors to either serve some need or entertain, you will get some visitors that like the site which means there’s a shot that they’ll bookmark it and return. There’s also a shot that they’ll share the site with others.

Good content + StumbleUpon = traffic + return visitors + advertising clickthroughs

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