Looking For Inspiration and Finding Humor

June 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Writing | Comments Off on Looking For Inspiration and Finding Humor

Something that all writers have to deal with on occasion is the dreaded lack of inspiration needed to get something written. This can be an especially bad problem when there is a deadline involved because deadlines and those who set them care not a bit about your lack of inspiration, they just want the piece written, usually by sometime early yesterday.

One of the tricks that I use to find that all too often desperately needed inspiration is to look over past articles and, in my case, past videos. It’s actually surprizing how many times doing this has inspired me to write an article or script for something new. The new item may not be (and often is not) related to the old item but just the same, I found the inspiration I needed.

In a recent case of desperation for inspiration I ran across an old video I made back in December of 2010. It was about a really funny story my brother told me about something that was in one of those spam emails trying to sell viagra.

Here’s the video in question. Even if it doesn’t inspire you it is still good for a laugh and that always helps.

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