Multipurpose Man

June 2nd, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Multipurpose Man

Jeeves (yes, that’s his real name, Jeeves Smithe) is a man with two lives. By day he is a butler for one of Nutjob Hills more wealthy residents. He does a very good job of playing the perfect British style “Gentleman’s Gentleman”.

But by night, he’s an amateur jazz guitarist that plays in several local clubs two or three times a week. Exactly when he manages to find time to sleep I don’t know. especially considering that his night persona has an additional hobby, he’s one of the local keepers of an improptu museum.

In his case he specializes in something that I’ve never heard of being collected before. Guitar strings. Specifically, he collects D’Addario guitar strings. Apparently he has at least one full set of every variety that the company has ever made. In most cases he has two or more full sets, one in the original unopened packaging and another that has been installed on the appropriate type of guitar.

His collection of strings and the guitars to mount them on has grown so large that he has had to enlarge his basement (and install dehumidifiers) to hold them all. His basement actually has a lower floor about 50 feet below the surface and extends about 75 feet beyond the foundation of his house, well into the neighbors property.

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