If Not For NASA

June 5th, 2012 | Posted in Hot Topics, Misc, Money Issues, Opinion | Comments Off on If Not For NASA

If it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration programs we wouldn’t have satellites. This means GPS, iPhones, DirecTV, Satellite Radio etc. Every day everyone takes for granted the privileges and advantages that we have thanks to NASA and space exploration.

They have been largely responsible for the dramatic leaps in technology over the last fifty years and have inspired an entire generation of dreamers. They have fueled the creativity of Hollywood films and taught us what our world looks like from space.

For funding they get a half a cent on the dollar of the US budget. They’re now “requesting strongly” to have that amount raised to one cent.

Please support NASA and their astrophysical and cosmological research. Contact your congresscritter and tell them that you want them to support better funding for NASA. Considering the advancement and innovation NASA has been at the root of so far, just imagine what they could accomplish given decent funding.

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