Avast! Becoming A Digital Turd

June 11th, 2012 | Posted in Computers, Current Events, Marketing, Opinion | 2 Comments

As some may know, I recently was finally able to set up a new desktop gaming machine. Something that I have been seriously needing for quite a while. It’s allowed me to drastically improve the quality of my videos, especially my Minecraft gameplay videos.

Of course, with setting up a new machine there is an assortment of things that you have to do such as installing an anti-virus program.

I chose Avast! because I have it on my laptop and before that it was on my old desktop until it’s motherboard & cpu failed for the last time. I like Avast! It’s free version has always proven to be quite effective and I am able to set it to only scan files as they are created or written to. Those really are the only scans that need to be run. All the other things, web scanners, email scanners, Etc are redundant because at some point everything gets written to disk.

So, in the course of setting up this new computer I downloaded the current free version of Avast! and installed it.

I chose the “custom” installation and un-checked everything that I did NOT want installed, double and triple checking the list before proceeding. I’m kinda picky about this kind of thing. I *always* make sure about what components will and will not be installed.

Partway through the installation I was surprised to see it start installing the Google Chrome web browser.

To say that I found this to be upsetting is an understatement. I was PISSED, ROYALLY PISSED.

At NO point during the part of the install process where you choose what things will be installed was there ANY mention of Google Chrome. NOT ONE WORD.

The fact that they decided to bundle Google Chrome with Avast! free version is annoying enough. The fact that there was NO point where I was informed that this would happen and given a chance to opt out of installing Google Chrome is inexcusable. Installing something without your explicit permission is the kind of thing that malware does. One does not expect it from, of all things, an anti-virus program.

You see, I already have Google Chrome. As a portable App. I do NOT want a full install of it on my computer. Ever.

This kind of underhandedness is the sort of thing I would have expected from Microsoft, or even Google itself but not Avast! Before this I have always found them to be a reputable company.

So now I begin the hunt once again for a decent free anti-virus solution. One that will NOT install things that I have not specifically selected in it’s install dialog.

Now that Avast! has begun this kind of malware-like underhanded sneakiness I can no longer consider it to be a program I am willing to trust.

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2 Responses to “Avast! Becoming A Digital Turd”

  1. jovencitas xxx on July 6th, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    thanks man this is what I was looking, I hope you do not mind to leave my mark

  2. If by “leave my mark” you mean a link, forget it. No links in comments. ever.