Profit From Loss Perspectives

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The idea here is to focus on some way in which people in the field that your product is aimed for are frequently suffering some kind of loss in potential profits. Briefly elaborate on an example of such a loss and immediately follow with the way in which your product can help avoid that loss.

One good example is how the insurance industry exploded their online market by offering free auto insurance quotes on their websites. Those quotes not only showed customers how much they could save, they also showed how much the customer was losing by going with the other guy.

Then, while you’re finishing up how your product can help, offer a discount. Direct them to a “Discount code later on the page” or an “Exclusive promo code available here free” that takes them to a popup mini-squeeze page that tells them all they need do is register and the discount code will be sent to their email address. Have an autoresponder set up to handle this and also don’t forget to add their email address to your mailing list.

By focusing on some general loss in the industry and then suggesting that the reader is probably also losing out, especially if they’re new in that field. Then give them some hope of avoiding or minimizing this loss and deliver it in the form of a discount code.

If you’re selling a physical product, offer an introductory price or one time special discount that essentially gets them some of your product for free. If it’s an informational product such as an Ebook, consider a report or smaller ebook that’s based on the fist few chapters of the main product.

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