Fireplace Smoke Free Extreme

June 22nd, 2012 | Posted in Current Events, Misc, nutjob hills, Opinion | Comments Off on Fireplace Smoke Free Extreme

Remember when nobody really gave a second thought to lighting up in a restaurant after a meal or that smoking in any number of public places was perfectly ok?

Obviously of course things have changed considerably since then. Nowadays it’s harder and harder to find places that don’t have a no-smoking policy. In fact most if not all public places have had no-smoking policies legislated so that it doesn’t matter if the shop or restaurant owner cares whether you smoke or not, laws and ordinances now prohibit smoking in most public places.

Well, one small town is considering taking that to a new level. You see the town in question has a lot of residents who use fireplaces both for heat and for looks. The new ordinance being considered would require all existing fireplaces to either be shut down permanently or replaced with a ventless fireplace that does not emit smoke exhaust of any kind.

The people behind the legislation are equating a burning fireplace with cigarettes. They say that the smoke coming out of a chimney is every bit as bad as what comes off of the end of a cigarette only thousands of times worse because there’s so much more of it.

Personally I hope that this nonsense doesn’t pass because I think that real wood burning fireplaces are so much more useful and attractive. One of the reasons for the real wood buring fireplace is to provide heat when electricity is not available. Something that seems to have escaped certain people in that town. (no, I’m not going to name it. It is however not far from Nutjob Hills.)

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