Diabetic Testing ‘Fun’

June 22nd, 2012 | Posted in Current Events, Misc, Opinion | Comments Off on Diabetic Testing ‘Fun’

After being off of my medications and not done any diabetic testing for nearly a year , for reasons I don’t need to go into here, I am now going back on them. This is prompted by a recent doctor visit and the results of blood tests he ordered.

So he gives me prescriptions for diabetic testing supplies, two kinds of insulin and metformin to deal with my blood sugar which is over 250 and something else to deal with my extremely high cholesterol level of 780.

Today I went to pick up the stuff. Right off the bat I find out that I cannot get supplies for the Ascensia Breeze2 meter that I prefer because apparently medicare / medicaid / part D will not cover it. Instead I get to have this tiny, hard to read and harder to operate piece of shit called a TrueResult meter.

Just to find out I did a bit of searching and found that one could order diabetic testing supplies online and one of the best prices I could find for Ascensia Breeze2 Test Discs was just over forty seven dollars for 100 tests worth. yeah, you can get smaller packages but when you’re supposed to test three times a day you need supplies for a hundred tests in a month.

Some may think that price is good but I just don’t have it and since medicare / medicaid / part D apparently will not cover them, I’m stuck having to use the piece of shit that they will cover supplies for.

The reason I prefer the Breeze2 is not only is it a bit larger with an easier to read display and easier to use controls that are sensibly located on the front of the device but also because it’s test strips come packaged in discs of ten. You load the disk into the meter and then the ONLY time you have to handle the strips is when you are done with them to throw them away. I consider this to be very important because in my opinion it is impossible to get a ‘clean’ accurate test if you have to handle the test strips before use. I mean seriously, have you ANY idea how filthy human hands are even when they’ve been washed in hot soapy water?

So I end up settling for the piece of shit meter that I hate because it’s the one that’s covered. I get home and prepare to start testing and taking my shots. That’s when I discover that no needles were included for the two insulin flexpens. Without the needles, you cannot inject the stuff. This may seem obvious to you and me but apparently somebody was asleep at the switch.

Then there’s the matter of dosage. For the one, it’s 15 units three times a day. That’s cool, the prescription got me five pens with 100 units each. for the other, the doctor told me to start at 20 units per day and to increase that by 5 units every three days until I reach 70 units or my blood glucose is less than 120.

The problem is that I don’t think somebody did the math on that because it too is five pens with 100 units each. If I follow my doctor’s instructions I am absolutely 100% certain to run out well before I can refill the prescription 30 days from now.

My! What FUN!

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