Don’t Waste Your Time

January 11th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Design, Keywords, Landing Page, Marketing, Sales Pages, SEO, Websites | Comments Off on Don’t Waste Your Time

Few things can be quite so frustrating as taking the time to develop that new product only to find out that not only have you wasted your time creating it, you’re also out the cost of your advertising, hosting, and so on.

The best tip to increase conversion rates is to only create products that you know people are interested in to begin with. The way to do this is with some market research and there’s a couple of different ways to go about it.

First is to test a product idea by running an Adwords advertisement for a few days using the keywords for your potential new product. For example, it took about five seconds for the Google keyword suggestion tool to come up with well over 150 variations on “Plum trees“. The next step would be to test some of the more likely prospective keywords in an Adwords campaign to see how well they perform.

Then you put a subscriber sign up list on the page that the ad leads to. Offer people a free e-book for signing up and answering a few questions about your new product development and drop the answers (and signup information!!) into a database. You should have enough responses to show whether the idea is worth pursing or not. In addition to that, you’ll have a start on a targeted email list that you can use in marketing that idea or any similar idea. (just be careful not to spam people!)

The second way is to put Google Analytics code on the page and use the information you can get from that in combination with the Adwords keyword suggestion tool and the traffic estimation tool to get an idea of not only what keywords to target but which ones are getting the best click through rates.

Given the Google Analytics data Combined with the actual click through data from your Adwords campaign you will have enough information to decide what to do next.

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