Marketing Strategy Made Easy

June 26th, 2012 | Posted in Advertising, Marketing | Comments Off on Marketing Strategy Made Easy

Here’s some scary sounding words from so-called “marketing “gurus”:

“You need a marketing strategy or your business will go nowhere.”

The thing is of course that this sounds like a bigger problem than it really is. Just because you’re not a huge multi-national corporation worth billions doesn’t mean a sound marketing strategy is out of your reach.

There are several simple strategies you can use that have been proven effective time and again. Leave the fancy complex marketing schemes to the guys with the bucks and expertise to deal with ’em.

First off it’s important to know that a big mistake that a lot of small business owners make is in not realizing the difference between a marketing strategy and an ad campaign.

The marketing strategy is the plan or approach you take to marketing your products and / or services. The ad campaign is how you accomplish that strategy.

Create Awareness

One way to generate interest in your product is to make people aware of it in the first place. The marketing strategy here is to promote the product in as many different ways as possible. You would use radio, television, print and other advertising mediums to expose your company name, logo and of course, the product(s) that you’re targeting.

This blanket approach will obviously be more costly because it’s targeting so many forms of advertising but it can do a lot to make your name and product much more widely recognized

Boost Confidence

When people don’t know much about your product or service they are a lot slower to buy it. If you are new to a place, or you are promoting a new product or service, you need to build their confidence.

Create and ad campaign focused on the value and quality of your product or service. Emphasize how much faster, better, more productive, Etc it is.

Use positive reinforcements like testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and of course, your warranty. This will make it easier for existing customers to make the buying decision. It will also attract new customers that had not previously considered buying from you.

Use Emotions

Regardless of what people say, the decision to buy is an emotional one for many. Large companies spend hundreds of millions creating advertising designed specifically to play on people’s emotions. What works for the “big guns” can work for you too. The key is to make people feel good about themselves and the decision to buy from you. Make them feel good about your product or service. Your ad campaign should associate good feelings and success with your product and your company name.

Set a Deadline

It’s a fact, people respond to deadlines. Why else would so many ads make it a point to say when the offer ends? Marketing plans built around the idea of a temporary price cut, a limited supply or other means of creating a sense of urgency can give you a quick boost in sales.

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