To Get More, Ask the Customer for MUCH more!

January 12th, 2009 | Posted in affiliate marketing, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, Monetizing Blogs, sales copy, Sales Pages | Comments Off on To Get More, Ask the Customer for MUCH more!

It’s one of those simple psychological phenomena that it doesn’t actually take an expensive college degree to figure out. Simply put, if you want a customer to spend $27, you’re much better off and more likely to get it if you start out by asking for $97 or even $147.

The reason for this is that the first price point you ask for sets the tone of the customer’s perception of the value of what you’re selling. When they see that what you’re selling is worth $147, then it doesn’t take a genius to see that the same or similar product offered at a sharp reduction in price will see a much higher conversion rate.

So what you do is ask for something bigger to start out with and then offer the lower priced option partway into the pitch. For example, one scenario would be to start out by offering your full package of ebooks and reports for $147, then offer a series ebooks and reports for $27 each.

The customer who would never go for the $147 package will see it as a much better deal and be much more likely to go for the $27 package. This gets you more signups and you will also have a higher chance of getting repeat customers in the group that goes for the $27 package because you can offer the rest of your materials in smaller bites.

The great thing about this strategy is that it works with practically any product out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling Apidexin, Cars, Toasters, or ebooks in any field or topic you can imagine.

By all means, aim for the full package sale but by being ready with smaller, lower cost options that you can present on the same page as the full price options, you’re showing customers a deal that will end up getting you more conversions than sticking hard line to your full price deal.

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