Studying Spirals?

July 10th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Studying Spirals?

The good folks of Nutjob Hills call him “Cluless George” and while I know that it doesn’t sound very nice even George will admit that most of the time he doesn’t have a clue. About much of anything.

Case in point, Not too long ago he started telling people that he was going to be studying spirals. He said that it sounded like a fascinating science that would let him use the one skill he actuall has, a good understanding of math.

This went on for almost a week before somebody who actually knew what the term really meant took him aside and explained that spirometry is a means of measuring the air entering and leaving the lungs. In other words, breathing capacity. This is something that is an important diagnostic for people with breathing related problems like C.O.P.D.

George took it well. He said that it still sounded fascinating and that he would read up on it anyway.

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