Spring Cleaning Again

July 13th, 2012 | Posted in Misc | Comments Off on Spring Cleaning Again

Not only is it “that time of year”, it’s actually well past it. I’m talking of course about the traditional “spring cleaning” that most people do once a year to get rid of junk that has been laying around, clean things up that haven’t been touched in far too long and so on.

I started to do this a few months ago and as usual I was distracted by a number of things that were more important and so the project was shelved.

Now I’m working on it again. In the last few days I’ve actually managed to clear a table that has been laden with crap for well over six years. Crap that hasn’t been touched by anyone, let alone actually used, in all that time.

I’ve also loaded up a 30 gallon trash bag full of other stuff and I expect to fill at least one more with junk that I not only don’t need or want but is cluttering my house. Things like parts of an old dog bed that hasn’t been needed since our dog died several years ago, a cat carrier that has not been used in five years or more and since my cat died it will never be used again (by me anyway. I’m done with having pets.).

Here’s hoping that this time I can actually get enough of this stuff sold, given away or just plain thrown out that I can reclaim some of the space in my house that it’s taking up.

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