Article Marketing Isn’t What It Used To Be

July 14th, 2012 | Posted in SEO | Comments Off on Article Marketing Isn’t What It Used To Be

Only a few short years ago it was true that article marketing was perhaps one of the best ways to get a site not only indexed but guarantee enough inbound links to have a good pagerank as well.

What surprises me is that people are still advocating the use of article marketing today. In fact, I deleted several spam comments just a few minutes ago that people had left links to sites promoting the use of mass article marketing software.

The whole idea behind article marketing is that you write an article about a topic that is relevant to your site and the product or service that you’re selling. In that article you include one or more links to your site.

Then, either by hand or with the aid of software, submit that article to dozens or even thousands of article directories like ezinearticles and so on.

The problem is that after the last several Google algorithm updates this tactic is one of the worst things you can use.


1, Duplicate Content.

Submitting the same article to more than one site means that you’ve got duplicate content. Google has long since mastered the art of spotting and discounting duplicates.

2, Link Farms

So called article directories and link directories are little more than link farms loaded with poorly written articles whose only purpose is to create a link back to somebody’s site. There is no intention to provide useful content to readers. It’s all about feeding the search engines. These sites are nothing more than link farms and Google quietly discounts them and everything on them.

Oh, and lets not forget people using or advocating the use of “article spinners”. Programs that take an article and replace words and phrases in it to create dozens or hundreds of “new” articles.

The problem is that article spinners cannot produce readable content that makes any real sense unless each output article is hand tweaked by an actual writer who knows what the thing is supposed to be about.

Save your time and money. Instead of resorting to these tricks just concentrate on creating good content for your site that visitors will find something of value in. The more you concentrate on this the more natural links you’ll get from people who read your stuff, find it valuable and link to it for their readers.

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