The Planner

July 14th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Planner

Ryan is the kind of guy I call a planner. That means that he is all the time making plans for this and that thing that he wants to do, things he wants to make, or places he wants to go.

The thing is however that his plans seldom if ever see any actual execution. For example recently he’s been planning a landscaping slash decorating project for his back yard. He’s spent weeks pouring over every imaginable detail. He took two days last week to shop sun room kits online because he decided that he wanted to have a gazebo as the center point of his back yard.

What I’ve heard so far about his plans sound really cool. He’s got some great ideas that would really look great. What’s more is that he’s fairly well off financially so he could easily afford to do what he’s planning. The sad truth however is that in all likelihood he will never do anything with his back yard aside from mow the lawn every couple of weeks.

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