Scam – ‘HoJo Motor’

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I was looking through my email the other day when among the hundreds of spam emails that I get I found several messages with subject lines like “Produce free electricity for your home and appliances only 2 days!”

Out of sheer morbid curiosity I looked at one of them before I deleted it.

The message proclaimed:

Free Video Reveals a Crazy Secret To Cut Your Electric
Bills By 75% (or more) In Just 2 days!!

It went on to say:

*The Big Energy Corporations may have gotten us
taken down once before because we were teaching people how to produce electricity at home

Of course it included a link. The site in question had a video that told the story of Howard Johnson’s work trying to create what can only be described as a perpetual motion machine. It made a number of claims about how, for less than a hundred dollars and two days work building the device according to plans that they would happily sell, you could cut your electricity bill by 75% or more.

The site showed that Howard Johnson had no less than three patents on this device and claimed that those patents were proof that it was real.

Since it was helpful enough to provide the patent numbers I looked them up.

Patent #5402021 covers a vehicle with a magnetic propulsion motor.

Patent #4877983 is another kind of electric / magnetic motor.

Patent #4151431 is also not a free energy device of any kind. It’s just another type of motor.

People are all too often fooled by mention that something is patented. What they don’t realize is that just because something is patented only means that it does what is claimed in the patent. Nothing more.

The site and the video on it also made a number of conspiracy theory sounding claims about how “big electricity” was out to shut them down and had worked to stop Howard Johnson in his work. This is supposedly why the thing has been kept secret all these years.

The thing is that getting a patent on something means publicly disclosing that invention and guaranteeing you exclusive rights to it.

Finally there’s the whole “Free Energy” thing. Folks, to use a term coined by Larry Niven in his “Known Space” science fiction books, Tanstaafl (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)

Devices claiming to produce free energy are bunk. I could go into a whole mess of reasons why such things cannot work but the point is that there is no way that you can get more out of a system than you put into it and that is the basis of claims like that.

Save yourself the time and money. Just delete those emails and never, ever spend a single solitary cent on them. I assure you they are all ripoffs.

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