To Build Or Not To Build

August 8th, 2012 | Posted in Minecraft | Comments Off on To Build Or Not To Build

Somebody commented on one of my Minecraft videos that they would prefer it if I cut out some of the building I’ve been doing lately because they felt that it was almost as boring as mining.

The thing is, building is one of THE big things that Minecraft is all about. After that there is mining for resources and caving (or spelunking as some prefer to say it) where one explores caves both to find ores dungeons & such and also for the purpose of lighting up as many dark areas as possible in order to improve the efficiency of a hostile mob system.

Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of caving. Oh I’ve done plenty of it and I’ll no doubt do plenty more of it but it’s not one of my favorite things to do. Mining is something that I do both to gather resources and just to relax.

One of the reasons that I have so much of so many resources in my warehouse is because I have been known to spend four to six hours at a stretch doing nothing but working a branch mine. This was pretty effective even before enchantments were added to the game.

Now when mining I’ll typically do most of the work with a diamond pickaxe enchanted with efficiency III or IV & Unbreaking III and for ores that drop items like diamond, redstone and coal, I’ll also have another diamond pickaxe enchanted with Unbreaking III, Fortune III, and if possible, efficiency IV.

If you spend a few hours working a branch mine at Y=6 (eye level) and you’ll collect a huge amount of stuff fast. I think I picked up some 55 diamonds alone just last night in a two hour session. That’s in addition to roughly a stack of iron ore, half a stack or so of gold ore, about five stacks of coal and I lost track of how much cobblestone.

So what am I going to do about that comment? Nothing. I’m going to continue playing Minecraft in the way that I enjoy playing it. I’m going to work on the current build project until either it’s finished or I run out of ideas for it and I’m going to nitpick the daylights out of it because I want it to be just right when it’s finally done.

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