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March 2nd, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, Making money, Monetizing Blogs, Traffic | Comments Off on Getting Read

One of the most, if not the most, important things about monetizing a blog is generating lots of traffic. If you don’t have the traffic then you’ll never get the clicks on any of whatever kind of advertising systems that you use.

I’ve already covered a little bit about how to generate traffic and because of it’s importance I’m going to devote a series of entries to the topic of generating traffic… especially generating enough traffic so that the small percentage of people who click on your advertising links will be a large enough number to represent a significant income.

so far, I’ve talked a little bit about Techorati and Stumbleupon and made a brief mention of MyBlogLog. I think perhaps that the post about stumbleupon was a reasonable introduction to it, however The others are going to need to be expanded on.

Then there are actually a LOT of “social Bookmarking” sites, each of which can be a significant source of traffic if you use them right. They’ve each got their own rules and their own audience of people that use them and follow stories posted there. Part of knowing how to use them is knowing which one’s not to use for a given type of entry.

For example a blog entry about something that was related to computers / internet or possibly even security might be a candidate for posting on slashdot but on the other hand an article about growing a particular variety of rose would fall flat.

So, over the coming days / weeks / whatever, I’m going to be talking about the ones of these that I personally have used and then I’m going to explore the others, looking at them from the point of view of a new user (which is what I’ll be in most cases)

I’m expecting to learn a bunch about finding ways to drive traffic to a blog.,

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