How Prejudice Helps Your Business

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Prejudice in society has been the root of many problems over the centuries and even in the allegedly enlightened societies many of us live in there are still examples from time to time of how much harm and evil has been done because of it.

In business however, prejudice has a somewhat different meaning. In marketing, prejudice is more about a preference for one product over another. In society, showing prejudice is decidedly a problem while in business it’s essential to instill and encourage prejudice toward your product over those of your competitors. The message is simple, “my product is better than theirs because …”, “Westgate Flamingo Bay is a better accommodation in Las Vegas because it’s out away from the pressure in the city proper.”

If you can *honestly* and accurately highlight some feature about a competitor’s product and show that your product is somehow better in that area than a competing product, that gives you an advantage over your competitor.

Be sure that any prejudice in favor of your product is justified by truth. Don’t make false statements or claims about your competitor or their product, that will always sooner or later come back to bit you on the backside.

Also, if you have any doubts about working a justified prejudice in favor of your product then you’ll find yourself and the reputation of your product completely at the mercy of any competitor who chooses to show your product in a bad light.

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