Brighton Beach To ISS Orbit – Flying With TFC

August 28th, 2012 | Posted in video | Comments Off on Brighton Beach To ISS Orbit – Flying With TFC

After having landed the DeltaGlider on the moon at Brighton Beach I decided to do something that was really kind of getting way ahead of myself. A trip to Mars.

I say I was getting ahead of myself because that’s a fairly big step for somebody that was barely able to get lined up with the base and land on the moon. However in spite of that, I went ahead anyway just for the fun of it and for the challenge.

I decided that in order to keep the videos from getting too long I would break the trip up into parts. In this part we fly from Brighton Beach to a Low Earth Orbit that is aligned with the orbital plane of the International Space Station.

The second leg of the trip would be rendezvous and docking with the ISS. From there would be refueling and making the big jump to Mars. Then Aerobraking and finally landing at the base on Olympus Mons.

By the way, did you know that Olympus Mons is the tallest volcano in the solar system? It towers roughly 26 kilometers above the northern plains of Mars.

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