How NOT To Make Money Online

January 15th, 2009 | Posted in Making money, Marketing, Websites | Comments Off on How NOT To Make Money Online

In this blog it’s been my intent and practice to cover topics relevant to making money online. Not only has it been a long time dream of mine to do so but these days it’s becoming more important than ever that I manage to achieve some measure of success. I’m not looking to become some kind of “marketing guru”. I’ll leave that to the guys who’re more comfortable with such titles. I’m just out to make a comfortable living and share what I learn along the way here.

So yeah, in addition to tactics, practices and ideas, one of the things I do from time to time is is talk about some program or another that reputable, successful people are involved in. One example is the Blog Mastermind Coaching program. I’ve promoted assorted products that can be found in the Clickbank marketplace, assorted affiliate programs and so on.

However there’s a flip side to this. Once in a while something comes along that’s pure poison. This is one of them. A charge appeared on my card the other day with no information about where it was from. Today I finally found out that it was from something called “GOOGLESUCCESSKIT”. I had never heard of it before this.

I took that term and dropped it into Google and guess what I found. The first page of results was page after page after page of reports of people getting ripped off by these alleged “people”. Often this involves recurring charges and they’re apparently quite a pain to deal with.

I’ve taken steps to get this fixed, in the meantime I feel it’s only right that I take a few minutes and warn everyone willing to give me any credibility at all. Don’t touch “GOOGLESUCESSKIT” with a ten foot pole even if you have one!

The thing is, from what I can tell looking through search results, nothing but a ripoff. It seems that the only thing anybody’s ever gotten from them besides a hard time and bogus charges is a few peasely ebooks (with large print to occupy more “pages”.) that do nothing more than restate FREE information about Adsense and Ebay. The kind of stuff you can find yourself in less than ten minutes by going to the respective sites themselves.

Remember, just because somebody’s got a slick squeeze page with even slicker sales copy, doesn’t make them a good deal. When in doubt, either check with somebody who has more experience and / or connections or just Google the thing and find out what people are saying about it before you hand over any money.

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