“Fun” With Sound

September 18th, 2012 | Posted in Youtube | Comments Off on “Fun” With Sound

As most loyal readers are aware, I make videos that I upload to Youtube. One one channel these are the more common “vlog” type videos, sometimes sketches, Etc. and for those I use my 1080p camcorder (set to 720p most of the time because of how long it takes to process 1080p in the video editor).

On the other channel I upload gameplay videos. I started doing Minecraft videos in March 2011 and more recently I added a Kerbal Space Program LP to that channel.

For Minecraft these days I exclusively use Fraps to record both gameplay and my microphone and for the most part, everything works out good.

Kerbal Space Program however presented a challenge because the game sounds, particularly those of rocket engines firing, get loud enough to drown out my voice. Because Fraps records both audio sources to the same audio track, there is no way that I can adjust one or the other up or down by itself.

So I started trying to find ways to record my microphone as a separate audio track that I can add in the video editor during post production. One solution that I’ve heard some people use is to have an mp3 recorder and use that to record their commentary. They have to keep the computer speakers off and use a headset to hear game sounds in order to keep them off of the mp3 but it seems to work for them.

I could not use this option because I don’t have an mp3 player (*gasp*!). After trying several other screen recorders only to find that none of them would do what I wanted, I finally figured out that I could use Audacity to record my microphone track while Fraps recorded everything from the game. So far it’s been working out pretty good and it allows me to adjust the levels of both audio tracks separately to get the best result in the final video.

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