On The Phone In Nutjob Hills

September 21st, 2012 | Posted in Money Issues | Comments Off on On The Phone In Nutjob Hills

It it possible that Nutjob Hills has hit the “big time”? That’s the rumor going around lately. I first heard this when I stopped in at the Nutjob Hills Diner recently for some much needed morning coffee (it’s the one thing they do exceedingly well. If you’re ever in Nutjob Hills you really need to try their coffee).

A couple of regulars were sitting in their traditional Wednesday morning spots talking about the recent goings on and one of the hot items was the news that a medical answering service was setting up shop in a storefront office not far from the diner.

Personally, while I suppose it is something of a step for Nutjob Hills, having something like that around is to be expected anywhere that there’s medical facilities and doctors that work in them. Surprisingly enough, there are actual doctors that work in Nutjob Hills Medical Center. Granted, one of them is older than most forms of dirt and the other two just graduated at the bottom of their medical school class but still, technically speaking they ARE doctors.

Since it’s true that doctors of all flavors tend to spend time away from the medical facilities and their offices, they’re mysteriously not able to answer their phones all the time. So having a service like this insures that people will at the very least have the illusion that the doctor will pick up their messages eventually and respond to assorted people calling at four o’clock in the morning to ask what to do about a sudden hangnail problem.

Mostly though, at least here in Nutjob Hills, it gives people a chance to get a job answering telephones and taking messages.

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