Three Is The Key

January 18th, 2009 | Posted in Design, Landing Page, Making money, sales copy, Sales Pages, Websites | Comments Off on Three Is The Key

The human mind tends to take groups of something larger than three and categorize them in some way that allows it to deal with things in groups of three or less. For example, there might be a dozen cars in a parking lot but the mind will break them into groups of three based on color, model, size, what direction they’re facing anything that allows it to do groups of three or less.

Given this information, you can help the reader see things on your page more easily and instinctively by grouping things on your page in threes. Groupings such as headline, block of sales copy, a bullet point or subheading and so on.

This also applies to product offers as well. If you’re presenting more than one, show them to the reader in groups of three. For example, if you’re selling Christian videos, you could present them with offers for “One Night With The King”, “The Omega code” and “Megiddo: The Omega Code 2” in the same area or as a package deal.

The easier you make it for the brain spot and follow groupings of three, the easier it will be for people to follow the flow of your page through the headlines, sales copy with bullet points, and calls to action.

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