They Never Listen

September 30th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on They Never Listen

Once again there’s another of those really annoying “Bob Rumors”. Back when they first started appearing I have to admit that they were kind of entertaining however now they’re becoming a serious thorn in my side that I’d like very much to remove.

One of the reasons for this is that the rumormongers in question don’t pay any attention to reality and they never listen when I say that Bob would not or could not do something. Instead they continue spreading the crap.

For example in spite of the fact that I’ve made it clear on many occasions that Bob is only about four inches tall and therefore is physically limited in the kind of things he can do, many rumormongers continue to claim that he’s taking up guitar or buying guitars, starting a band and so on.

This latest example of how brainless rumormongers can be is another of that kind. The rumor claims that Bob has become an expert at playing Martin guitars and is also fairly good with several other brands of guitar. Obviously there is a number of problems with this.

First up, if you can play a guitar it doesn’t matter what brand it is. True they all have individual features but when it comes down to it, a guitar is a guitar regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Secondly there is, as I’ve mentioned previously, the fact that Bob’s size makes it impossible for him to play ANY guitar because he’s just not big enough to even hold one, never mind actually play it.

I suppose I could go on with quite a list of things wrong with this and many other rumors but honestly, there is no point.

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