Never Let ’em See You Sweat

January 19th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Design, Landing Page, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages, Websites | Comments Off on Never Let ’em See You Sweat

Confidence is a good thing. It lets people know that you don’t have any doubts about your product, it’s price, your guarantee or anything else. You want your sales copy to express confidence like this. You also want to display your awards and certificates to help build customer confidence.

The thing you don’t want to do however is to come across like you’re desperate for a sale. Displaying certificates and awards is important and you should do it but you want to do so discreetly. Place them in the footer of your page or in the lower portion of a sidebar. You want them to be where people can see them easily but you don’t want to seem like you’re clamoring for attention to them.

If people see desperation they’re more likely to reject buying from you. You want to prove yourself to them enough to show confidence and certainty that your product is what they need. If a customer senses desperation or fear in your approach they’re more than likely going to avoid you like the plague. Never go overboard trying to prove yourself to your customers. It’s one of the fastest ways to lose their respect and when that’s gone, so is their business.

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