The Power of Limits

January 19th, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages | Comments Off on The Power of Limits

A good way to encourage people to make their purchases more quickly is to restrict your offer in some way. Make it only available today or for a certain number of days until the price is scheduled to go up.

Things like announcing that your current product offer will only be available for a limited time, after which it will be off the market or that there are only so many copies available.

Good examples of this can be found in all kinds of places. Like on those TV ads saying that if you’ve been exposed to such and such then you need to contact their Mesothelioma lawyer before it’s too late. Or the ads for almost anything that tell you “order before midnight tonight” and you’ll get some extra bonus. Never mind the fact that you see the exact same commercial every day for two or three week. They’re counting on people not noticing that and in fact, most people won’t. They will however notice the implied or stated need to act quickly or miss out on an opportunity.

The whole idea is to instill a sense of urgency in the customer, give them the idea that they need to act quickly or they will either miss out on a discount or special, or that they’ll miss the opportunity entirely.

By getting the message of urgency across to them, you increase the chance that they will buy right away instead of leaving the site and ending up distracted by any number of other things out there.

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