The Four AM Salesman Returns

November 3rd, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on The Four AM Salesman Returns

After a rather long and quite busy day I crashed early last night. I was so tired that I don’t really even remember getting settled into a comfortable position.

A few hours later, as often happens to me, I woke up. As I took a few minutes to check on a particularly large upload to Youtube I had started before going to sleep there was that most despised of interruptions, a knock on the door.

The clock read 4:14 AM as the knocking began. At first I thought to ignore it and hope that whoever it was would decide nobody was awake and leave. However after it persisted for ten minutes I decided to answer the door if only to stop the infernal knocking.

I was greeted by a very over enthusaistic young salesman who, upon seeing the door open immediately began his pitch, talking faster than I’ve heard anyone speak in a long time. He went on about how identity theft is such a big deal these days and in spite of efforts to prevent it is still on the rise.

He told me that one of the things people could do was to keep all of their smartcards that have RFID chips in them securely tucked away in a shielded wallet to keep would-be identity thieves from being able to read the information stored on it and potentiallly do serious damage to your bank account and credit rating.

He only spoke for about three minutes but I’m certain that he managed to recite a five hundred word script.

As soon as he stopped for a breath after asking me if my smartcards were secure I proceeded to let him have it for waking people up at four in the morning.

After making my opinion of his timing and high pressure fast-talking sales pitch I told him to leave and never return and shut the door in his face.

Funny how little things like that can fee so satisfying.

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