Confidence And Doubt From Questions

January 22nd, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, affiliate marketing, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages | Comments Off on Confidence And Doubt From Questions

A good tactic that you should use in your sales copy is to ask lots of rhetorical questions. Things like “How would you like to work when you feel like?”, “Do you like working nine to five?”, “Would you like to be able to store hundreds of pictures instead of dozens?”.

The idea here is to use these questions to encourage readers to identify themselves as people who meet the higher standards that people who buy your product and use it successfully. They read the questions and the automatic response is “I’d love to set my own hours.”, “I hate working nine to five.”, “Yeah, that micro sd would sure make life easier for me.” … and so on.

You want to use these questions such as “who would pass up a deal like this?” to accomplish two things.

1, People who buy your product are more successful, more intellegent and are better businessmen overall than those who don’t.

2. Those who don’t buy your product are less intelligent, much less successful and generally poor and unhappy.

You don’t want to come right out and call people idiots or say something like that outright, that’s going to be a sure fire way to gather lots of negative attention to yourself and your product. While some things can succeed in spite of that kind of negative (Remember those annoying “Active On” ads?), however things like that are an exception rather than the rule. You just want to use carefully worded rhetorical questions to gently guide the reader to the conclusions that doing business with you and buying your product is an intelligent, success minded thing to do.

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