Now With Live Music

November 12th, 2012 | Posted in nutjob hills | Comments Off on Now With Live Music

It seems that yoga guy is no longer satisfied with simply blaring rock music recordings at four am while he does his yoga in the front yard of his house (which sadly neighbors my own, which is the main reason that I actually give a crap what he’s doing.)

Now he’s decided to add live music to the nerve jarring, sleep denying repertoire of things that he does while HE works toward inner peace or whatever it is that he’s after.

At first he tried hiring local bands and apparently was not quite satisfied with how they sounded. Then he expanded his search to include musicians that until now have only performed in their garages on weekends in front of a few buddies from school to impress the girls.

These “bands” have some of the more “raw” sounds around. Usually connected to far more amplifier power than they could possibly need in an average two car garage. Yoga guy of course decided on one that had the most amplifiers of all the candidates. Then he went out and got the most powerful bass amp musicians friend had to offer and added that to the amplifier rack used by the top two “bands” that he selected and then had both of them play their loudest pieces at the same time.

Things like this can make deafness begin to sound appealing.

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