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Everybody calls Richy “newsguy” because that’s what he does. He spends every single spare minute of his time watching the news.

The thing is however that he isn’t just satisfied with one television or one computer to read news sites and watch relevant videos with.

Instead he’s got no less that four desktop computers and six televisions (all connected to the same cable provider) going at all times. Each one monitors a different news source. The computers allow him to watch on-demand video of any up-to-date breaking stories as they happen and the televisions cover a variety of news channels that each focus on a different primary topic

While I cannot possibly imagine trying to keep up with a setup like that I have to admit that it’s impressive at the very least. He’s got the tv set’s & tuners hidden and the screens arranged on the wall in a flat panel mount arrangement. Slightly below and in front of that is he’s got an array of four computer monitors, each with it’s own keyboard & mouse, arranged on a wide desktop in front of him.

Watching him with this thing can make you dizzy because not only is he watching so many channels at once, he’s constantly changing channels on one or more devices to keep up with everything that he’s trying to watch.

Worse yet, he’s got the sound from all of these things running at the same time. I cannot imagine how he’s able to sort all this out in his head and understand any of it but he seems to be able to.

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