Tell The Customer They Need You

February 3rd, 2009 | Posted in Advertising, Making money, Marketing, sales copy, Sales Pages | Comments Off on Tell The Customer They Need You

It’s important that you establish early on that the customer needs you and more specifically that they need your product. Not only do you need to make it certain that you know they need it but you have to be able to make a statement or two that addresses why they need your product.

If you’re selling Auto insurance then you need to get their attention with important facts about insurance in general and your policies in particular. If you’re selling diet pills, then you’d discuss the benefits of your product and the health risks associated with being overweight.

This “why do I need you?” question is one that you need to answer early on in your copy. If you can’t do so then you need to spend some time, effort and perhaps even some money getting to know your market better.

Oh, and just in case it’s slipped your mind, the market is NOT the product you’re selling. If you’re selling blue widgets then your market is the people who need blue widgets, not the blue widgets themselves.

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