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With yoga guy’s latest round of yet another set of auditions the Kyle bothers decided that they should try out and see if they could cash in on this latest spree of hiring bad musicians.

It took them a while to decide on instruments. Bob Kyle decided that he was going to take up the trombone, certain that it’s ability to ‘talk’ could be used as a commentary on the rest of the music playing.

Fred, Ralph and George Kyle had a different opinion. They decided that this was their chance to live out the rock star dreams they had as teenagers and take up the guitar. They each had different ideas of what kind of guitar to get. Fred decided on a modern electric 12 string model, used, that the manufacturer’s name had worn off of it entirely.

Ralph and George tried out several makes and models and finally decided that they would take a more country sounding route and they ended up with a pair of classic blueridge guitars. The quartet even spent a week taking lessons from a local retired music teacher. I heard later that they were going to continue the lessons but the teacher insisted that they had learned all they could from her and that they should never darken her doorstep again.

I understand that they’ll be auditioning for yoga guy next week.

Oh and what was the debate? That’s for defish.

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