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Something odd happened in Nutjob Hills the other day.

Now I know that people are going to say “But this is Nutjob Hills you’re writing about, strange things happen all the time” and you’d be right to say that. This however was just a tad more odd than is normal even for Nutjob Hills.

In the last few weeks there have been an increasing number of unexpected things happening. Things that normally would not have happened. Each time one of these things happened an unidentified man in a black suit, wearing a fedora and carrying an aluminum briefcase was seen in the area. Each time he would stop for a moment as soon as somebody noticed him, look intently in their direction, nod, and then walk away quickly, as if he had an appointment he didn’t want too miss.

One woman saw him after her doorbell rang when she opened the door. He looked at her, nodded as if to acknowledge something she said, and walked away. As she started back inside she found a blueberry pie, hot as if it were fresh from the oven, sitting in a deck chair on her front porch. Earlier that day she had decided she would make such a pie for dessert that night.

Another example is the night manager at Moe’s Beanery and Donut shop. He was counting out the day’s receipts and doing the nightly books when he looked up to see the mysterious stranger walking by the front of the shop. The man stopped, turned to look at him, nodded briefly and continued down the street. When the manager turned back to his bookkeeping he found that it was complete. The handwriting was NOT his. There was also a fresh hot pizza sitting in an unmarked box on the counter.

There’s dozens more stories like this, with more being reported every day or two. Who this stranger is, what he’s doing (if anything) and why he seems to be seen at the scene of so many strange happenings is a complete and total mystery.

Further, everyone that has been questioned about him claims to have never spoken to him. Many have seen him, both with and without strange things happening but so far nobody in Nutjob Hills admits to having heard so much as one word spoken by him.

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