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Olsen W. is a bit of an odd kid but then given that his first name is Olsen I suppose he’s got reason. It can’t be easy going through life with a first name that is normally used as a last name. Even I’ve heard people ask him “Hey Olsen, what’s your first name?” and then sit there giggling like morons as he once again explained his parents odd choice of name.

In spite of that he’s still a lot like most kids, especially when it came to getting his first car. He worked through the summer, saving every cent he could get and just before his senior year in high school started he’d saved nearly $1500 and decided that it was time to start actually shopping for a car.

Of course he’d been “window shopping” the whole summer and had a pretty good idea of what was for sale at all of the local used car lots and a pretty good number of cars for sale by private individuals. He’d looked over many of them and test driven quite a few as well so by this time he had narrowed his choices down to just a few. Cars that were in decent shape and had prices that fit within the $1500 he had to spend.

Over the course of the week he went around to look them over once again, test driving a few more for good measure, and finally decided on a late 1980’s model in pretty good condition for it’s age, for only $1150.

For most kids his age these days it seems that’s where the first car thing stops. They get it and very quickly the “new” wears off and it’s just another part of life that feels like it’s always been there even though they were hoofing it everywhere only a few short months ago.

Olsen wasn’t like that. He constantly fussed over that car. He spent hours fixing it up. Mind you it was in decent shape for a car of it’s age but he still spend a lot of time and money restoring it slowly to factory condition. He spent two weeks using all of his free time reading car cover reviews because he not only wanted one but he wanted to make certain that he got the very best one possible.

He haunted junk yards and was frequently seen in auto part stores all over this part of the state picking up this or that (often hard to find) part that was in better condition that something currently on his car.

All that time, money, and effort paid off though. About six months after he’d bought the car he sold it for nearly fifteen times what he paid for it.

Last I heard he was once again shopping for cars. This time I understand he’s going to get two. One to use for daily getting around and another one to restore.

Methinks this kid is going to go places.

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