Corporate Cutthroat

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George’s motto is “Never give a sucker an even break”. He actually has it engraved on a gold plaque in his office. It’s placed so that anyone entering the office or sitting in front of his desk will see it on the wall behind him. He wants everyone to know that they’ll get no breaks or second chances from him. If he can find a way to twist a business deal of any kind in his favor, he’ll do it and he doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

You may think that’s pretty harsh of him and you’d be right, however it doesn’t end there. It’s probably no surprise that he’s also very much into what is politely referred to as “industrial espionage”. Like any business practice that gives him an advantage over others, he’s taken it to a new high. Early on he established what he calls a “business intelligence program” which he modeled after the kind of super-spy agencies that you see portrayed in novels and movies.

His “agents” undergo an unspecified but long period of intense training and testing. The testing is not only about their skills but always about their loyalty to him. Only after passing quite a number of grueling tests that breaks most potential agents in training are they allowed to progress to actually doing their job.

These agents perform a number of tasks from taking undercover positions (complete with detailed false backgrounds) in other companies to stealthy operations that would make any fictional super criminal proud.

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